How to Increase Your Social Media Reach: Tailor Content to Different Platforms

Do Social Media Sites Mirror Friendship Types?

One of the things that people tend to neglect when it comes to social media marketing is tailoring for different platforms. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for instance are all very different, and what works on one of them may be completely ineffective on another. However, by tweaking your approach as according to each platform that you’re using, you can start to achieve real results. Joyce Sun over on Social Media Today has outlined various tricks and tips that can be used to ensure you’re using each social platform efficiently.

Long and Short Conversations

Joyce describes Twitter as a “social butterfly”, which demands that you are able to get your readers attention quickly whilst they are taking in a wealth of other information. The 140-character limit means that your posts need to be as punchy and to the point as possible, with the option of a link being included within your Tweets for those that want to find out more. However, Facebook is described as a “longtime friend” and therefore involves a less busy and hyperactive feel than Twitter. This means that you are given more time to engage with your friends and associates, with more scope for long conversations and in-depth interaction. Its interface arguably makes it better for posting visual content such as images and videos too, plus the interaction process is easier to assess.

A More Formal Approach?

LinkedIn however is much less personal than both Facebook and Twitter and is compared to a “business acquaintance”. Nothing personal is to really be shared on LinkedIn, and if you’re running a company you can build excellent B2B relationships on there. Joyce argues that individuals and job-seekers shouldn’t be neglected on LinkedIn however, and that relationships with these people can be incredibly valuable.



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