Online Brand Reputation Management Keeps Your Business Growing

ORM, also known as “online reputation management”, is the art of building positive reputation and influencing others to a particular brand, name or business. With the advancement of technology, what was originally thought as purely public relations has become online brand reputation management that encompasses even all online activities.

Building a strong ORM solution for your company will surely help your business grow because you can now avert or at least mitigate bad press more effectively.

How Can The Internet Affect My Brand?

Face it. The Internet has the potential of virility, which is actually good only if the message does not ruin your brand. But with anyone having the power to post malicious comments online at any given time, it has become necessary for firms and particularly big companies to have a 24/7 dedicated team that manages their online reputation.

All things being said about your business online, whether you are aware of it or not, will surely affect your brand one way or another. There are also a lot of other individuals or entities, who act as if they represent your company, with the main goal of illegally using your name to reap profits.

Aside from driving customers away from you, these scammers might also bring your business into a bad light. Some even violate your trademarks in cyberspace like altering a small part of your brand or logo for their own personal gains.

Damage Control

online brand reputation managementBecause there is an ongoing rapid shift to placing everything online, it has been estimated that about 83% of all companies around the world will suffer a sharp decline of at least 20% off their share prices in the next 5 years. Surprisingly, many of them will tumble mainly because of poor reputation management.

So what can you do to keep everything under control? The answer is rather simple. Your business should use an ORM solution that makes you more visible online, allows you to monitor online activities all day and all night, and that which promotes customer engagement. ORM involves managing official discussion rooms and online blogs so anyone can air out their concerns in a professional and well-mediated manner. This way, your online presence will be more felt; give you the chance to answer back in a brand tone and more importantly in a timely manner.

Online brand reputation management should also include GAP analysis and brand audit to identify any pre-existing and imminent threats to your company. All of these practices will surely improve relationships with your clients and even improve your public image may it be offline or online.

Develop a good ORM strategy now!

Bear in mind that if you don’t manage your online brand well, someone else might do it for you.

Just hope it will be a positive message.