Advertising on Facebook – Social Media

Facebook is today’s the worlds largest online social network, which offers essentially the world an easy means to connect and communicate. Meanwhile, promoters can promote their product or service alongside this social service.

Online marketers consider it one of the best advertising platforms since 2010 when it opened its gate to attract advertisers.

At that time Facebook already attracted 400 million users and the decision by Facebook Executives to offer a platform to promoters turned it in to most profitable online businesses .

Facebook management says that the advertising campaigns on Facebook are effective, further they say, promoters should look beyond actual clicks and stats if they want to see the actual value of these ads.

Advertising On Facebook


This statement does not sound good, especially if Facebook is trying to sell this service. However, we cannot deny the fact that marketers have made it effective by the way they use this social media marketing service. Large companies’ use the landing page of Facebook to promote their product or service, as well as analysis has disclosed that there are 3 crucial factors to be considered namely: Brand link , the main point and last but not the least tone of the advertisement.

It would appear that to completely understand the importance of Facebook advertising, just like organic exploration for instance, we have to factor in how these advertisements influence rest of the online activities.

It was witnessed by experts that just because of the nature that how Facebook display ads, brands were looked for way more than non-branded items, which means users are not tempted by an ads initially .

However, the succeeding spike in attention for the brand portrays the actual value of this ad campaign. The expense for each purchase will be lowered just because you will be reimbursing less on brand name search terms . Facebook advertising can be specifically segmented by targeted demographics and relevancy, which results in lower Cost Per Click (CPC) rates.

So, it looks like that there is intrinsic value in employing Facebook or any other social media for as part of your advertising campaigna, even if the stats comparison to Google AdWords explains otherwise . Promoters should employ Facebook marketing but make sure that their brand visibility is high.

However, we cannot deny the fact that ads campaigns may fail because most of the users do not bother to click ads, so make sure that you diversify your investment in order to minimize the risk of loss .

Social media advertisement may not work for particular certain types of industries or productsy, so proper research before engaging in any kind of such activity is judicious step to take.