Social Customer Profiling

One of the newest ways to market a business is through social media marketing.  This involves setting up a business profile for your company on a popular social media network that serves best for this purpose.

Amongst a host of popular social media networks, there are two of them that targeted to customer interaction far better than others, i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

They are same in their contribution to promote a business, but quite different in the ways how they allow doing so. This evaluation, however, focuses on how social customer profiling can be carried out on the Facebook, the larger of the two, and how a business can get excellent  benefits from it.

The best way is to begin by setting up a business page on Facebook and have someone in your company, or a consultant to manage this social profile for your business.  In order to get the most out of your fan page, you will need someone monitoring it and consistently feeding it with relevant and engaging content.

Users of Facebook join networks organized by city, where you work, school, and region. People can add friends, send updates and messages, and update their profiles to keep friends informed about what they are doing.  This information is extremely important when it comes to social profiling.

Facebook offers businesses a fan page, which offers businesses a great stage to broadcast company events, useful industry information in addition to engaging with your target audience to increase your brand reach.

When this is done correctly, a company is able to pile up critically important demographic data about their target market and information that can help with marketing and sales in addition to special promotions and projects.

What’s more important from business perspective is that you are able to track major demographics of your core consumers using this type of social customer profile.  With this information at your disposal, you can focus on targeting those who would be interested in your products and/or services as part of your online marketing business plan.

You may wonder how you can determine the demographics of a group of people from a Facebook social profile page.  Most businesses already have a database comprising of different types of information about people buying their products.  This gives you one set of customer data to use when pursuing marketing plans for your business.

You can also get information on those who are visiting your fan page, courtesy to social media profiling. Various social media sites including Facebook allow a business to track and monitor different aspects and activities of people joining their social profile with the consent of the individuals, obviously.  You can do this by having a contest that your consumers have to sign up for or some other promotional activity where they will need to register. There are many ways to profile your social customers and pile up the information you need on various behavioral aspects of people following your social presence.

Now, you have two databases comprising of customer data and by developing an algorithmic verification system or hiring someone to develop one, you will be able to come up with the core demographics of your consumers. This unveils different aspects of your target audience to you; you get to know how and where people are talking about your products or services or that of your competitors’.

You can use such critical information at hand for carrying out various types of business promotion activities, for devising effective business marketing strategies, sales campaigns etc.

Your core demographics are very important for your business.

This is one of the ways how social customer profile and social media can drive sales to your company.