Why Monitoring Your Brand Mention is Important

A big part of SEO and social media monitoring is brand management.  Do you know what consumers are saying about your brand in real time – meaning right now?  Your company brand is one of your most important assets, and if something is happening with your company that people are talking about, both good and bad; you need to know.  It is especially important if it is something that could damage your brand.

Too often, the problem in this area is that as a business, you do not monitor your brand the way you should. Until you take it seriously enough, these problems can quickly overwhelm your business with negative press or comments even before you start an ORM (Online Reputation Management) campaign to undo any damage.  By monitoring your brand mentions prior to such happenings, you can save your business some good money and reputation in the long run.  Problems with your brand need to be taken care of immediately.

One good tool is SocialMention, which can help with brand management across the social media web in real time.  SocialMention keeps an eye on over 100 or more social media sites directly, such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, and Google etc. – notifying you if any of the worrisome terms you have specified show up.

Using proactive brand management and stopping any problem as soon as it turns up, you can handle a potentially devastating problem almost immediately.