Google+ For Businesses

Most companies marketing budgets now include a portion dedicated solely to social media marketing. Interacting with customers through social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter has now become a major priority for many businesses.

Facebook and Twitter, are by far considered the most popular of all the social networks. But what about Google+? Is Google+ taking a back seat, when it comes to social media marketing?

Ask any business what Facebook or Twitter is, and they’ll most likely give you the correct answer. What seems peculiar, is the fact that many companies don’t seem to fully understand Google+.

So what exactly is Google+?

Google+ is a set of tools which are a part of Google. The idea of Google+ is to make web sharing more like real life sharing. The user experience can be compared to Facebook (news feed, recommended friends, etc.) Yet, unlike Facebook and Twitter, where everyone sees your content, Google+ allows you to share it with specific sets of people (Circles)

It may seem like more hassle to add yet another form of social media network to your current marketing plan, but Google+ has the ability to benefit even the smallest of companies. Lynette Young, author of Google+ for Small Businesses perfectly sums up the possibilities of Google+:

“Small businesses can get the same connections and advantages that large businesses can. We’re talking about things you can’t buy your way into using Search Engine Optimisation. Your posts, profile, updates can all be searched by Google, and you have the same chances of getting results as the big guys. Having a large community is less important than having the right community on Google+”

Social media is integral to the success of any online business. Facebook and Twitter play a massive role in this success, but Google+ has the ability to help you increase your community and target customers more specifically.