LinkedIn Can Help Your Brand When It Comes To B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is widely acknowledged to be the top choice social networking site for business usage, and can be incredibly effective in generating leads for your business. Here are our three top reasons to ensure that you use LinkedIn are part of your B2B marketing mix.

1. Share your content

Many first time users of the site make the mistake of simply seeing it as an online CV when, in reality, it can do so much more. By sharing content that you find interesting, you’ll not only be able to start some discussions, but will be able to create a reputation for yourself as a thought leader in an area of your choice. The same applies to sharing content produced by your business – just make sure you explain why you’re sharing, and let the conversations begin.

2. Become an expert

Use the Groups function on LinkedIn to share your expertise still further. Join the groups that are most relevant to what your business does – and if you don’t find anything suitable, then create your own. Start and join in with group conversations, and assert yourself as an authority in your field. Groups are a great way of segmenting your audience, to ensure that you target only those who are the most relevant.

3. Make use of recommendations

LinkedIn gives you ability to recommend those with whom you have worked – and for them to return the favour. By displaying recommendations on your profile, those who may be keen to work with you can see evidence of the great work you have done in the past. With the new ability to “endorse” connections for their skills, LinkedIn provides a number of ways in which you and your business can be visible to an even greater range of potential clients.