The New Facebook News Feed

Evolving Technology the new face of Facebook news feed.

This march Facebook released its first dedicated update to the news feed section of its website since the section went live nearly seven years ago. As with any update popular sites unveil they are met with mixed reactions from both personal and business users with some embracing the change and others shunning it.

The new update introduces a more organised news feed, while maintaining a consistency with their mobile app. We also see a bigger focus on images and the introduction of multiple news feeds.

The major criticism of the update is that it has taken too many attributes from its competitor Google+. This may prompt more people to leave Facebook and use its competitors such as Twitter and Google+.

For businesses this means that they will have to monitor social channels more closely and see which site provides the best service, whether looking at customer engagement or return on investment to make a decision on which is best to use.

Facebook is essentially getting smarter and the new update will be able to record people’s preferences and display information that it feels is more relevant to the user from what they have visited before.

This update from Facebook will essentially force users to start to group their friends and businesses in categories so that they can easily find and see the latest updates from those selected channels.

At first this may have an adverse effect on the interaction of users with company and fan pages and may also have a negative impact for companies and fan pages as their updates may be glossed over and not read as users go straight to their desired friend categories.