Facebook Promotions

While companies boast about their number of Facebook fans, giving them some kind of incentive to stay can often be overlooked. Your list is a priceless marketing tool, but you need to make sure that they are regularly looking at your timeline, viewing your photos and reading your posts.

There are many effective ways of ‘thanking’ them for their support of your page, and at the same time you will also be driving customer engagement.

First of all, many companies use their Facebook timeline as a ‘showcase’ for products and services that have not been displayed anywhere else. If you know that an item is going to be a hot seller, it is a great idea to post a unique sales link 24-48 hours before it is available anywhere else.

You can set your Facebook account to only display content to people that have already ‘liked’ your page, meaning that your fans will have exclusive access to the link.

Facebook users may also wish to use ‘tagging’ to make individual fans feel special. Companies with a large amount of fans can run a ‘Friend Of The Day’ or ‘Friend Of The Week’ feature. When you add the relevant update, make sure that the user’s name is tagged so that they get an extra special notification at the top of their screen.

Customer engagement has already been mentioned, and a key element of this is to provide updates that are a mixture of sales messages, company news and general conversation.

The latter of these three topics will usually be the most appealing to your fans, as it gives them a unique insight into the daily operations of your organisation.

Offering a ‘behind the scenes’ look gives your fans the impression that they are getting something that isn’t available anywhere else.