What Is Social CRM And How Can It Help Me Better Engage With My Customers

Social CRM (or sCRM) is a strategy incorporating both philosophy and commerce, sustained by technology, and the rules, characteristics and processes of business – the purpose of which is to try and engage customers in a two-way dialogue with the idea of partaking in a mutually beneficial conversation, in a trustworthy and transparent commercial environment.

Essentially, it is the response of a business, according to program, to a customer’s control of dialogue. It’s all about the transformation of experiences into lasting business relationships.

There are a number of ways in which sCRM can benefit your business. The process serves to help compare different types of social media and online communities, and discovering which of these are the most effective when it comes to generating positive word-of-mouth feedback.

It’s useful to measure the direct benefits of customer endorsements and understanding how important it is to engage with customers online. Social CRM also serves to help accurately calculate the return on investment your business has experienced by associating social media interactions with web traffic, sales or downloads, amongst others.

sCRM is a useful tool when it comes to customer service, as it enables businesses to provide a more memorable and familiar service, by using conversation history in order to effectively communicate with individual customers on their terms and on their level.

sCRM can also be implemented during product development stages. It’s possible to get customers to engage, encourage and even outright provide new ideas and suggestions for ways in which your products can be improved upon, via simple conversations or contests and online polls.

In marketing terms, it can be vital to interact with potential prospects at their time of need, monitoring online conversations to be able to jump in and offer advice, which can ultimately lead to sales.