What does it take to run a successful Social CRM campaign?

In order to run a successful Social CRM campaign (or SCRM) it is crucial that you have a clear goal of what you would like to achieve and what your goals for the campaign are. Then plan out how you aim to achieve these targets and in what time frame.

As Social CRM requires social media monitoring, an awareness of the structure of various social media websites is vital. Campaigners should be aware of the most appropriate social media platform relevant and most suited to their campaign and what the site’s specific guidelines for promotional content are. A developed awareness of this is crucial as violation of these rules could result in the termination of your business page or account.

The monitoring and scanning of social networking sites for mentions of the business requires an eye for detail. Be mindful of SEO and ensure your campaign contains relevant keywords to trigger links to your campaign through the specific social site.

Social CRM may also consist of managing online customer communities, which have been designed by the organisation themselves. These are often important, as clients are already aware of the business in question, so they have a basic knowledge of the company’s policy already.

To guarantee the client’s awareness of these customer communities, ensure your website has a clear landing page to initially direct the traffic to a page which is most relevant to them. Make the instructions simple and bold to avoid any confusion.

To ensure clients return to your services, follow up arrangements should take place, whereby initial connections are identified and then re-instated. This reconnection with the client helps to establish a relationship which is stable, and long lasting, and through recommendations may boost awareness of your company for other clients.