Connecting With Your Audience From Reporting

Knowing where your social media traffic is coming from is important if you want to fully utilise, and increase that traffic source. The problem is, working out all the different sources of social media traffic can be difficult.

Luckily, there is a tool that makes measuring social media traffic simple – Google Analytics.

You may have used Google Analytics before to measure traffic on your site. But Google Analytics goes far beyond simply measuring where people are coming into your site and where they are leaving.

Here are 3 ways you can use Google Analytics to track Social Media Traffic

1. Google Analytics allows you to track the traffic that is coming from each of your social sites. These metrics can then be used to decide which social sites are the most important to your business.

2. You can configure Google Anayltics to let you know if people are sharing your content. Discovering what they are sharing means you’ll have the ability to create even more engaging content. This feature can be configured by turning “sharing reports” on.

3. With the conversions report you are able to prove ROI from any social media. Use the conversions report to prove ROI from social media. The conversion reports allow you discover the monetary value of using social networks.

Every business can benefit from using social media sites. The important aspect to take into account is that your efforts must be measured and tracked, just like any other marketing method.

Social media has the ability to bring in massive amounts of traffic, but you must remember the end goal – converting visitors into customers. Certain social media networks may be more appropriate for your business. If you’re just starting a social media campaign start by setting up pages at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.