How Google+ Can Help Increase Your Brand For B2B Marketing

Many consider the “big 3″ social media sites to be Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But it seems that many businesses are only focusing on Facebook and Twitter. These sites may be beneficial to B2C businesses, but for B2B businesses Google+ may be even more beneficial than Facebook and Twitter put together.

Google+ is Yet to become Over-Saturated.

Unlike Facebook, Google+ is yet to be over-saturated. This means that its much easier to get in on the ground level and start building connections. A report from December 2012, showed that 343 million people are actively using Google+ and this is only set to rise. Over the next few years it will be the companies that utilised Google+ early that will benefit the most. Although Google+ is

Action: If you haven’t already, set up a Google+ company page. Start looking for other businesses you could potentially connect with.

Google+ Content Ranks Well

Google will always give favourable positioning to Google+ content. Considering that Google has over 80% of the market share, it’s worth using Google+ for content.

Action: Start creating original content. Any content published through Google+ has the potential to rank well, and potentially receive first page ranks for matching search queries.

Google+ Doesn’t Require as Much Participation

Many social media sites will continue to bring in traffic, as long as you are constantly updating. With Google+ you’ll still receive SEO and social marketing benefits even if you’re not constantly updating.

Google also allows you to share content. When content is “+1″ the content is likely to be visible to all of the company’s Google+ connections. This can help increase awareness of the brand and generate leads.

Action: Any content you produce, should be easy to share. Add +1 buttons to all your content and make it easy for any readers to share your content. Also consider having a link to your Google+ page, either in the header of your site or in the sidebar.