When Facebook Fails

It may seem like every business could benefit from using Facebook. Many big named brands have used Facebook to increase awareness and increase sales. But there are certain businesses that might not benefit from using Facebook, such as certain sectors of the B2B industry.

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook won’t always work for a company:

1. Facebook allows companies to be perceived as thought leaders in their field. This is much harder for B2B companies, especially those selling high-end products. It’s unlikely a company would buy from that business just because their Facebook offers quality content.

2. Facebook is most beneficial when it is updated regularly. Although Facebook is free, the time it takes to update is not. Some companies simply don’t have the resources to spare.

3. Certain products are not a good fit for social media sites. Facebook may be the ideal place to promote gadgets and clothes, but it’s not really the best place to promote products such as hospital equipment or water pipes.

4. Some companies don’t want to be a part of the social media world. They may be perfectly happy with the position they are in. The customers they currently have may provide them with more than enough business to keep going. Learning to effectively use social media sites such as Facebook takes time and effort. Many people don’t want to commit to learning how to effectively use social media.

5. Every company targets a niche and some niches are unlikely to be targeted on Facebook. Although one seventh of the population are now on Facebook, that still means that only one in seven people are using Facebook.

If Facebook is failing or you simply want to explore different avenues, LinkedIn is often considered the best social media platform for B2B companies. LinkedIn is focused towards the buying process much more than Facebook. Regardless of your industry, social media is an important part of any marketing campaign. Executed correctly social media marketing has the ability to help your business gain a following, understand what your customers want and how you can best sell to them.

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