Why Do You #Hashtag

Our 7 reasons why you should use #hashtags

  1. Hashtags are a great way to get people discussing a common topic. Many groups on Twitter lead entire discussions and debates through the use of hashtags, inviting other people to get involved and share their own opinions.
  2. Hashtags maintain relevancy. It can be difficult to maintain a discussion on the internet due to the constant in-pouring of new information and topics. The hashtag creates a stream for a single topic or idea rather than trying to talk about it via a standard Twitter feed.
  3. Using a hashtag can be the first step in creating a huge campaign, be it social or commercial. Many companies and brands are incorporating the hashtag into their media campaigns because they can increase brand awareness and get people talking about them for less cost.
  4. Hashtags aren’t just a way to get people talking, they also act as a filing system for Twitter. When someone uses a hashtag, that tweet is filed, and if you want to you’ll be able to find every tweet that has used it too.
  5. Hashtags, not tweets specifically, is what trends on the site. Trending is a good way of gauging what’s popular and what the people around you are interested in, and may help you get a hashtag trending in the future.
  6. Hashtags help spread the word. Every time a user tweets using a hashtag, that tweet is seen by their followers. If a follower retweets it, it spreads out even further. People from the other end of the world will see your tweet.
  7. Hashtags can be used retrospectively or live. They can be used to spread the word about live webinars, events or conferences and get people talking about it as it happens, as well as allowing people to discuss it after.

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