Facebook Home For Smart Phones

Facebook Home: a way for Android to conquer iPhone?

Facebook Home was launched on April 12th and understandably there’s quite a lot of buzz about it. People are wondering exactly what this new thing is, how good it is and the implications of it.

The war of the smartphones has been going on for a while now, and it has been suggested that the addition of Facebook Home for Android phones could be a tipping point that swung the scales in Android’s favour.

What is Facebook Home?

Facebook Home has been called a ‘skin’ and is currently only available for Android phones. Effectively, Facebook Home is just an application that gives the user the option to use the social network Facebook as their main home screen.

The supposed advantage of this is that it enables you to be closer to your friends via your social networks – you can see photos, status updates and other information by just glancing at your phone.

What is the possible threat to Apple?

It has been suggested that because Facebook Home is not available on Apple products – the iPad or the iPhone – it may help Android to sell significantly more units than Apple.

There are rumours afoot that Facebook are currently talking to Apple about the possibility of Facebook Home for iPhone, but that seems fairly unlikely.

Should Apple be worried?

In a word, no. Whilst Facebook Home has a certain level of novelty value attached to it, ultimately it’s unlikely to be the sort of thing that would coerce someone into buying a phone with an Android operating system.

Facebook can be reached with a few touches on the iPhone anyway, so it seems unlikely that Apple would lose customers because they don’t display live Facebook updates on their home page.

Watch this space

One of the interesting things to consider is how Apple have processed this information.

Traditionally Apple take a concept and then spend time making it as user-friendly and effective as possible, and if they’ve seen anything good about Facebook Home, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be thinking about how to implement it more effectively.