Advice For Brands on Social Media

How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Marketing

It’s very difficult to analyse the return of investment of social media, because social media is not designed to make money. It is designed so people can talk to each other. By using social media in the right way, it can help you build your brand, create conversation around it, and enhance your product or services. Social media is the consumer’s domain, so if you try to use social media for sales purposes, you will ultimately fail.

Create Goals

Whether you want to increase traffic to your website, or any other KPI, if you’re going to use social media, then you must set goals to reach for. This makes social media worthwhile, and helps you to understand the importance of it to your customers too.

Use the Right Channel

Knowing which social media platform to use is key, and using it in the right way. For example, Twitter is conversational and is used to talk to people unknown to the brand; whereas Facebook is used more for feedback and involvement. Identifying which platform is right for you will help your brand awareness grow, and mean that you can get feedback from your customers.

Be Consistent

Interesting and engaging posts on a regular basis will slowly but surely expand your reach. If you keep everything you post within the same tone as your business and industry, then consumers will start to recognise what you stand for as a brand, as opposed to being confused. However, don’t just post the same link to your website over and over, instead talk about things that will interest your consumers within your brand’s sphere.

Use Analytics

Analytics tools won’t help you figure out an accurate ROI, but over time they will be able to help you engage with your consumers better. By showing you when they are most active, you what types of content they engage with most, you can tailor the content towards them. You will eventually be able to show what effect your social media usage has had on consumer activity.