What Is Social Media Optimization

Social Media is a relatively new method of interacting with people online – from family members to business associates – through an ever-increasing number of social networking websites and applications.

The exponential rise of social media over the course of the past ten years now sees it as the most popular method of communicating with an audience. Over one in seven people are now accessible via social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

Businesses are fast catching on to the idea that a good social media campaign is incredibly effective in reaching out to new and existing customers, converting clicks into revenue in the process.

It’s important to understand how to utilise the many different social networking sites in order to effectively target potential customers. This is known as Social Media Optimization.

A poorly run campaign can have a detrimental effect on your business, so in this article we will take a look at five methods to ensure you have the right SMO campaign in place.

Spread Your Content
If you have content, which is portable (such as video or audio files), upload and submit them to various different hosting and streaming sites. This will help spread the word of your site further, and ultimately encourage people to sites including Slideshare and video sharing networks

Encourage Collaboration
Be open about allowing other people to use and edit your content (within reasonable grounds, of course). Allow others to embed your videos, and syndicate your content through RSS feeds.

Facilitate Easy Tagging and Bookmarking
Add bookmarking and sharing buttons to your site to allow visitors to bookmark your pages on the likes of Digg, or share on Facebook and Twitter. This not only makes tagging pages a lot easier, but it can allow you some control over the default tags people use.

Encourage Inbound Links
Inbound links are important when it comes to improving search results and rankings. Encourage the use of them by rewarding the visibility of those who link to your site.

Increase Linkability
Many pages are rarely updated and simply used as a placeholder or storefront. In order to fully optimise a site for social media, the linkability of site content must be increased. One easy way to achieve this is to add a blog to your site to generate traffic and increase brand positioning through the sharing of high quality unique content.