3 Tips To Respond To Awkward Customers On Social Media

How Should You Respond To Awkward Customers On Social Media?

While social media is undoubtedly a great way to engage with customers and promote your business, awkward or negative comments can quickly turn any interaction into a PR nightmare.

Here are three top tips on how to contain those undesirable conversations and negate any damage to your online reputation.

1. Speed is key – Most consumers will take their complaints online because they feel they aren’t being listened to. Social media gives them a voice, sometimes a very prominent one, and allows them a quick and easy outlet for these frustrations.

It is essential to acknowledge complaints as quickly as possible, ideally before they begin to attract an audience and incite more negative comments. A simple, nonjudgmental engagement with the customer is often enough to make them feel valued and diffuse the situation.

Be open and approachable, find out why the customer is angry and begin the process of positive engagement.

2. Don’t fall back on excuses – If the customer is unhappy with their service, the last thing they want to hear are excuses. Their primary concerns are the inconvenience they have suffered and the desire to have the problem fixed.

Excuses often make it look like companies are trying to shift the blame, and this approach can often make the situation worse.

3. Take it out of the spotlight – Social media is almost certainly not the best platform for solving complex issues. Invite the customer to contact you via email or telephone or, even better, offer to contact them yourself.

Here you can find out the specifics of the problem and offer any appropriate support in a private environment. This makes it easier for the customer to soften their stance, and takes any negative comments out of the public eye.

Follow legitimate grievances with swift, positive action and awkward conversations can actually be turned in your favour, demonstrating that you value your customers and tackle grievances quickly and sincerely.