Content Marketing Is NOT All About The Campaign

Content marketing is one of the most important tools a business can employ in order to grow its audience and turn prospects into customers.

While your company message is important, it is often easy to lose sight of the key business goals behind a content marketing campaign and make the mistake of preaching to, rather than engaging with, consumers.

Both prospects and existing customers are looking for great content, the same great content that Google uses to rank businesses in search results and help people find your business online.

Great content is engaging, and the key to any good content marketing strategy is engagement with the intended audience. Positive engagement nurtures prospects into customers, cements customer loyalty and ultimately allows you to up-sell.

Satisfied customers are also more likely to generate the most valuable kind of content: positive feedback.

With your audience as the primary focus in a content marketing campaign it is far easier to move with the wants and needs of those you are trying to reach, and to generate appropriate and valuable content for them.

Rather than presenting your potential audience with a standard company message in which they have no stake or involvement, the key to growing and retaining your audience is the generation of content with a value to your potential customers. This can take the form of insights, advice or discussions; anything to engage your audience and make them feel that they are gaining something valuable from your content.

Valuable content is more likely to be shared via social media, is more likely to attract new prospects and is invaluable in building both brand awareness and trust.

An overemphasis on your company’s message can feel like cold, impersonal advertising, the opposite of what consumers want when making purchasing decisions. In contrast, engaging, audience focused content feels like an investment.