6 Benefits Of Combining Digital Data With Traditional CRM To Enhance The Customer Experience

The benefits of combining traditional CRM with digital data

Putting the customer first has long been the key to running a successful company. Many firms have had CRM systems in place in excess of ten years, making it clear that providing good customer service is highly valued in the world of business.

Despite this being universally accepted, many big players still agree that many companies are still aspiring to achieve results in the area. One particular point of focus is that  companies using CRM systems, which combine mobile, social and digital data, along with more traditional touching points, easily bested their competition by engaging more with their customers, and listening to their needs.

Big names such as Starbucks, First Direct and Dominos have each perfected their levels of customer service by implementing a combined approach. The John Lewis Partnership has also been recognised for delivering excellent customer service practices by means of combining online and offline data.

It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits when it comes to joining up mobile, social, digital and offline CRM data, six of which we’ll look at below:

  1. Zero duplication:
    Companies which have integrated all of their touch points into one single-view system will avoid duplicating messages, facilitating greater efficiency.
  2. Connecting with customers:
    By extrapolating data from email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, larger firms now have a greater chance to have one-on-one conversations with customers.
  3. Tracking consumer habits:
    Once a transaction has been completed, it’s possible to track customers after they’ve left your site, providing a useful insight into their preferences and purchasing habits.
  4. Greater relevance:
    Collecting data via mobile has given companies an opportunity to come up with targeted, customer-specific personalised offers – for example ecoupons which are assigned by geographical data.
  5. Greater personalisation:
    Tracking both online and offline activity gives organisations even more scope to personalise content, providing the customer with greater rewards.
  6. Efficient customer service:
    Companies, which were quick to embrace social media, have found that it works wonders for customer relations. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter give businesses the chance to instantly respond to customers, demonstrating efficient customer service.