What Do You Look For When Optimizing Your Strategy?

What to look for when optimising online ad campaigns

One of the reasons that businesses are increasingly turning to online channels is the amount of data that is readily available. This data helps you to assess the ROI of your campaigns and make decisions about how and where your budget is spent.

This data is easily obtained by using analytics software, which can offer a host of metrics for you to view, often in real time. At first glance, this data can seem overwhelming, so to help you out, here are the two most important metrics you should be looking at:

Click through rate

The click though rate of your campaigns refers to the percentage of people who see your advertisement and click on it. A good campaign on Google Adwords may get 5%, while a classified ad on someone else’s e-mail may get 0.5%.

It’s important to know these numbers, if your click though rate is low it could be costing you money and customers. Reasons for a poor click through rate could be poor creative or ad copy, or simply poor targeting in terms of your keywords.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate of a page refers to the % of people who convert into prospects or customers. Depending on your site and the products and services you offer, a conversion could be the completion of an enquiry form, or for an ecommerce site, the purchase of a product.

The strength of your conversion rate is down to many factors.

Again, these include the strength of your copy and creative, but also on the path that the customer has used to reach your page. It is important that your page is relevant to the keyword the customer has used to find you, otherwise you could be wasting budget. In general terms, a good conversion rate to aim for is between 3-5%.