7 Steps To CRM Heaven

Many leading advertising and marketing agencies are beginning to discover that marketing automation is providing them with the power to outperform their competition. CRM can help facilitate better sharing of information, fewer manual tasks, an improved customer experience and an overall easier working day.

Here are seven steps you can take in order to improve your customer service, boosting profits in the process:

Automate your data cleansing:
CRM automatic de-duplication tools can help maintain your customer records with minimal effort. Customers can also update their personal information online, allowing them greater control over their preferences.

Aggregate your customer data into a single system:
Combining all of your existing databases, documents and spreadsheets into a solitary CRM system is a sure-fire way of reducing the time taken to retrieve information, and allows analysis to be carried out more efficiently.

Generate a detailed picture of every contact:
It’s important to gather as much information as possible from customers in order to facilitate greater lead nurturing and better targeted communications. Tracking previous customer purchases can provide valuable insights, and gaining an overview of the likes and dislikes of your clients will allow your company to target offers and communications based on customer preference. It’s a fact that nurtured leads make larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

Use analytical tools to segment customers based on interests:
Putting your clients into groups based on demographics is a great way of tracking the effectiveness of your messages amongst different customers, based on gender, age, location or purchase history. Analytical tools can automatically segment members in order to ensure your targeted messages are reaching the right demographics.

Help customers to proceed through the sales chain:
Find out where leads are coming from, and where each customer is in the sales cycle at a glance. With this data on hand, it’s then possible to automatically provide customers with the relevant information to push them towards a final sale.

Keep existing customers engaged with automated emails:
Using analytics such as abandoned shopping carts or wish lists allows your company to re-engage with previous customers via automated targeted messaging. Targeted emails are much more successful than started mass-mailings, as they are tailored to the preferences of individual customers.

Invest in marketing performance management:
Use the information to the advantage of your company, improving levels of service and satisfaction and keeping customers coming back for more – on average, those who do will witness an increase of at least 15% in revenues.