How Much Is Your Brand Worth?

It is no secret that branding is a major part of both setting up and advancing any business. Companies pay thousands of dollars every year to make sure that their brand logo and slogan are clean and free from negative associations within their customer’s minds.

So what happens when branding goes wrong? It is all too easy to miss the pebbles, which starts the avalanche, sending an otherwise excellent company out of business.

This is where having a firm system for online reputation management is an absolute necessity. If your company has any way of receiving customer comments online – and I struggle to think of companies where this would not be the case, thanks to social media – you need to be paying attention to this. If not, your brand may suffer.

It is all very well to assume that you will be able to check this sort of thing personally, but actually think about that for a moment. Running a company is an incredibly time consuming business, and if you leave a negative comment on a Facebook page unanswered for just 24 hours, you are in serious danger of that comment generating a huge amount of negativity around your brand.

Which is where online reputation management comes in. It is essential for every company to help ensure that what is said about your brand is what you want to be said.

And if it isn’t, it allows you to respond in good time, ensuring that any poor feedback given is dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner.

There is absolutely no reason why any modern company should not have some sort of process in place to manage their online reputation. It is simply a necessary part of running a modern business.