The Truth About Social Media Lead Generation

Social media is an essential tool for the modern marketer to work with , and it’s not going become your company’s number one revenue driver anytime soon. It should be part of an overall marketing mix instead and, even more importantly, be integrated.

Social media leads need to be nurtured properly and are generally not ready to buy. Throwing thousands of unqualified leads into your funnel every month is a complete waste of time if they are never going to buy your product. Targeting appropriately and keeping your content strategy focused on the pain points and hot topics around your target personas is essential. Content fuels social for sure and having too much content that is way too broad is a waste of resources.

Social media plays a key role throughout your entire sales pipeline, beginning before prospects are event identified. (while they research or follow thought leadership on social media sites), to after they become customers (as they remain loyal customers through retention and cross and up-sell opportunities).

This last point is essential. Using inbound alone to generate leads with social media is like hanging out with the same group of friends from high school your entire life. Adding paid promotion to the mix is the only way to break through to the coveted friends of friends, or second degree connections, while targeting social users and growing your overall reach. Inbound by itself is not your answer, it’s part of the equation for success.

If you can’t track your success and determine if your leads are turning into customers what good is putting all of this into practice?  Make sure you are using a platform such as marketing automation to track lead source. It’s better to track each channel individually so that you can tell which one if more effective. Then break down the cost per lead and compare it to other sources.

So here it is: The truth around social media leads straight and to the point. The bottom line is that social media needs to be integrated across your whole marketing strategy in order to be effective and it won’t be free as it requires staff and a budget.