Is Facebook Working on Its Own RSS Reader?

With Google Reader set to close on July 1st, fans of the service are still struggling to find a suitable RSS feed replacement. Rumours abound that Facebook is intending to create the next big method of keeping updated on news across the web.

Tom Waddington, a developer for the website Cut Out + Keep has suggested that a brand new code on the social networking site is hinting at the possibility that an RSS feed may be launched for users in the near future.

An RSS feed integrated into Facebook would provide users with a way of subscribing and pulling in online content from news websites, videos and blogs in order to keep constantly up-to-date with the latest goings on around the world.

In a blog post, Waddington announced that he had noticed code on Facebook for RSS feeds – each of which had shown multiple entries and lists of subscribers. The site generally lists the types of content along with the connections amongst the content within its code – such as photos and tagged geo-locations, for example.

What’s surprising about this code is that it specifically mentions RSS, away from existing friend lists and interest lists. This is also unrelated to Facebook’s RSS feed outputs, which have been in place for some time now. Waddington revealed that he tried to access the RSS feeds via the API, although it wasn’t possible due it currently being locked down and available only to whitelisted apps.

The social networking giant has so far declined to comment, although it recently revealed that it will continue to roll out more new features over the coming weeks and months which will help people discover more of the conversations happening worldwide.

Facebook introduced hashtags a number of days ago, and have sent out press invitations for an event to be held at its headquarters. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why many people believe the announcement of a new RSS feed is imminent.

Source: Mahsable