Twitter Now Shows You All Your Tweet and Follower Stats

The Birth of Twitter Analytics

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Google dominates the world of web searches, so if you want a successful marketing strategy, online and offline, you will want to please Google web crawlers and give them what they like.

So what does Google like these days? It likes Social Media, and websites which incorporate or link to social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter are likely to rank higher.

Anybody involved in marketing, be it digital or not, will tell you that knowing your audience is crucial. If a campaign is successful, understanding why will help marketers design future campaigns as successfully. Likewise, analysing the cause of poor results will prevent repeating them.

When it comes to online marketing, Google Analytics paved the way by providing masses of data on a website’s number of visitors, average time spent on individual pages, entry and exit points, bottlenecks, etc…, allowing webmasters to fine-tune their sites.

Twitter is now following in these steps with the launch of Twitter Analytics for all users, previously only available to advertisers. Still in its infancy, it doesn’t always return reliable results yet, but once the teething problems are resolved, it should be an application rich in information which will prove invaluable to those using social media as a marketing tool.

It should give you insight into the demographics and minds of your followers, with statistics on which of your tweets were retweeted and how many times, the most successful ones, the age and gender of those following you and their interests, helping you tailor your future tweets.

Twitter, like Facebook, provides a unique way for businesses to engage directly with customers and as such is an essential tool. Once Twitter Analytics is truly operational, it will undoubtedly prove to be indispensable.

Source: Gizmodo