Facebook Pages Businesses Get New Insights

Facebook Insights, the analytics dashboard for businesses’ public Facebook Pages, looks set to be getting its first makeover since 2011. A new-look dashboard has been created in response to user feedback, and a beta version is currently being tested by a random selection of business users.

Facebook say the changes were generated by user demand, with typical page proprietors’ communications asking for help and advice on improving performance rather than just a bald overall score. They hope the new-look simpler interface is also easier to understand for all users.

The changes include new separate metrics for responses such as ‘Likes’ ‘Shares’ ‘Check-ins’ and ‘Comments’ which were previously presented all rolled in together as a “People Talking About This” figure. The new detail graphs will all be displayed on the same page underneath the usual overall figure, supplying a fuller picture.


There will also be a new single scorecard for each individual post, showing all positive vs negative interactions, broken down into type (‘Likes, ‘Photo Views’, ‘Hide Posts’, etc) under an overall figure for people who interacted with the post. This is intended to make it much easier for marketers to view the performance of a particular post without having to look in several places for the information.

Conversely, Virality will be renamed Engagement Rate, and rolled in with ‘clicks’ to create one metric. There will be new charts showing engagement divided by type of post (video, photo, etc) and allowing demographic analysis of page performance. This information, says Google, is of use in allowing publishers to assess their existing reach.

As to the full roll-out, Facebook will only confirm that they intend to launch the new Page Insights interface after full consideration and incorporation of all the beta-testers’ feedback. There’s no indication that they expect that to happen within the year.

Sources: Techcrunch & Mashable


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