You Can Now Put Images in Your Facebook Comments

It’s All In A Picture Reply

Facebook are the masters of the social network, and it seems experts in silent changes as well. They have been quietly working away at the latest alteration to their comment system, which follows on from the addition of emoticon support, and a threaded style replies system.

Latest functionality in the commenting world centres around images, and the capability to attach them to your replies. Enhanced image posting has been around in terms of Facebook statuses for a while, although previously the only way you were able to attach a picture to a Facebook comment reply, was to attach a URL.

The Facebook team have created a longer lasting (URLs posted temporary photo previews) more user friendly way to share images on reply threads. As you may have noticed, this has been reported as a ‘silent change’ so don’t expect any big announcements from the Facebook team, but it’s something that is being rolled out as we speak. If you’ve noticed a little camera icon on the far side of your comment reply boxes, or one suddenly appears, then this is what it’s for.

It’s unlikely to just attract standard photo sharing though, be prepared for a new generation of macros. If you’ve noticed any cute or funny pictures with quotes attached appear on your news feed, then you are already familiar with image macros. If you’ve not seen one, then you soon will.

With this new comment option Facebook could see a them pour out in a waterfall effect across reply threads, perhaps one day there will be animated GIFs all over Facebook as well. These two possibilities may divide opinion among Facebook’s millions of users across the world, but it’s hard to halt progress online, and even harder to avoid the power of an image macro. They are everywhere.

Source: Gizmodo


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