3 Ways Paid Social Ads Can Explode Your Content

In recent years, creating and sharing content in order to attract and engage your audience has become a popular form of marketing.

Whilst companies are promoting content via their own channels – Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and LinkedIn company pages – many are missing out on the chance to push their content in front of a much larger audience via paid promotions on social media.

Linking to favourable reviews, blog posts, and other forms of media can all help to attract new customers, and in this article we take a look at three paid-for social advertisement tools which can help to expand the range of people viewing your content.

Promoted Posts on Facebook:
Businesses can pay in order to have their posts appear more often in Facebook’s news feed, which means that an audience is more likely to see them. This is a great method for promoting small businesses – what’s more, most owners of small businesses don’t realise the impact that spending just a small bit of money can provide their content with maximum exposure.

Promoting a post is incredibly easy, too – simply create your post and click ‘Promote’ at the bottom of the post, at which point you’ll be prompted to select your audience: People who already ‘like’ your page, or people who ‘like’ your page and their friends. Prices vary dependent on the number of people you want to reach.

LinkedIn Adverts:
As a means to promote your content to a business audience, LinkedIn Ads is a great tool. Adverts are made up of a headline, your company name, a description of what your company offers, a URL and a small accompanying image. It’s possible to choose a specific set of criteria in order to target the right people – settings include industry, job title, job function, age, company size and geography. You only pay for the clicks and impressions that you receive, and can set budgets accordingly.

Promoted Tweets:
Twitter’s new self-service Promoted Tweets allow you to pay to help your regular tweets reach more people. As with LinkedIn, you can set the criteria in order to reach out to the right audience, and you only pay when people click, favourite, retweet or reply to your tweet.

What’s Next?
Once you’ve decided to opt for paid social advertising, it’s time to build a strategy. Perhaps the most recommended method is to use Facebook to build a community around your brand, Twitter to gain new customers and LinkedIn to generate leads for your sales team – Each platform is ideal for these specific interactions.


Source: Mashable


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