Big Data Is A Big Deal

Big data is the buzzword of the moment, but there’s more to it than a catchy name. It offers a wealth of usable, actionable information, and if the right filters and algorithms are used it can be turned into valuable insight for the business.

It’s particularly beneficial in the realm of HR and talent management – using it wisely can ensure the right talent is located, hired and translated into measurable benefit for the company as a whole.

Big data allows HR teams to uncover information about candidates that they previously wouldn’t have had access to, and it’s these new information streams that can truly inform the decision-making process. Traditional methods of hiring are no longer the be all and end all – CVs can hide a multitude of sins whilst interviews give personable, articulate individuals an unfair advantage, with neither method truly shedding light on the skills of a potential hire. Big data changes that. These days everyone has an online presence which means HR teams can get access to real, usable information about candidates, and that information can be used as a valuable predictive tool.

By identifying high-performers and analysing their attributes and key skills it’ll give a much better indication of whether or not they’ll be a good fit for the business, being a far more precise measure than a degree or even an interview could ever be. Of course, the nature of today’s data-focused society offers benefits for job seekers too – it’s a chance to increase visibility on a whole new level, and with a lot of companies checking out the likes of LinkedIn on a regular basis a prospect doesn’t even need to be actively looking for a new job to receive the necessary attention.

Big data offers the power to identify talent like never before, and as long as recruiters are selective in the information they use it can transform the recruitment process for the better. Big data is a big deal in every sense, and it’s only going to get bigger.

Tell us what you think about big data, and do you agree with the information in this post.


Source: Forbes


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