Our Top 8 Points Of Marketing Resources From Google

Google offers a wealth of resources to help marketers fuel their campaigns and enhance the decision-making process, but not all of them are that well known.

So, here’s a quick overview of some of the lesser-known applications that can be used for marketing benefit:

1. Think Insights. This resource, although largely self-promotional, offers free access to research studies that pinpoint how specific demographics and markets use the web. This in itself can help fuel projects, but the addition of a gallery showing creative campaigns can provide even more inspiration.

2. Consumer Surveys. A paid-for service but, given that truly informative customer surveys will always require an investment, at $0.10 per response it’s relatively cost-effective whilst offering a quick turnaround time and accurate data.

3. Zeitgeist. Almost like an interactive overview of a year in search, it gives you the biggest search trends and associated events of any chosen year to provide inspiration and historical context.

4. Trends. Trends can provide valuable data on historical search volume, potentially giving an indication of how users will search in the future. It can also be used to track brand recognition and even the seasonal patterns of particular keywords.

5. Public Data Explorer. This gives you access to data sets from government records and other institutions, with the ability to browse various data sets with this level of simplicity making your research and brainstorming process much easier.

6. Universal Analytics. The successor of Google Analytics, currently in beta form, will bring new flexibility and functionality to reporting by (for example) allowing offline data to be included and offering multi-channel tracking of users.

7. Tag Manager. Allows centralised management of tracking tags for flexibility, control and improved performance.

8. Tag Assistant. The Chrome extension for Tag Manager, this makes checking configurations a lot easier.
These resources are largely under appreciated yet can be used to great effect, so, have you tried them out yet?


Source: Moz.com


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