Terror For Top Microsoft Executives As Re-Organisation Looms

Had a tough day at the office? Spare a thought for Microsoft’s top brass – they’re surely in for a stressful few days over the next week.

The reason? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reportedly planning to unveil a huge restructuring of the company this coming Monday (July 1st), and he’s keeping his cards incredibly close to his chest.

Rumour has it that the majority of senior executives have been disregarded in terms of the decision-making process, and Ballmer has instead been thrashing things out with a small group of Microsoft board members.

Nobody knows exactly what changes are likely to be implemented, although it’s predicted that things are going to change in an unprecedented manner. The firm has not seen such an upheaval since former founder Bill Gates made major changes during his tenure as CEO.

One thing is for certain – Microsoft needs to adapt. Whilst it retains a large market share in both home and business computing, it has lost out to rivals Apple and Google in the mobile and tablet markets, largely due to inflexibility in software development. It’s thought that Steve Ballmer intends on shaking things up in order to redress the balance. Major shifts in the company dynamic are expected – as well as some departures.

If rumours are to be believed it’s likely that the following are likely to gain more power as a result of the re-organisation:

  • Tony Bates (president of the Skype division)
  • Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s president of server and tools business)
  • Don Mattrick (Microsoft’s president of interactive entertainment business)

In the event of the reshuffle happening as predicted, it’s easy to assume that Microsoft’s intentions are to focus more on mobile and gaming, whilst continuing to provide services for business.


Source: BusinessInsider


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