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Twitters Intriguing Next Step In Geo-targeting

Twitter the social media leviathans have recently announced some new manoeuvres into the world of pin point accurate geo-targeting.

They plan to be able to target Twitter users, not just on the scale of country or city as they do now, but to drill down even further into the realm of postcodes. This move will bring them closer in line with Facebook who have been utilising this specificity to target geographic audiences since 2011.

In September 2012 Twitter announced improvements to location based accuracy for promoted tweets and accounts but this new push will take them a large step forwards in terms of accuracy.

Some are expecting the release of this improvement in the fourth quarter of 2013, just in time for the seasonal shopping glut.

The geo-location data will probably be obtained by mapping the longitude and latitude of a user and converting that to a postcode. The marketing uses for such a tool are obvious. High street stores can target users in the vicinity to tempt them into their stores with promotional offers, or even tweet them whilst they are actually in store and point them in the direction of offers and new products.

Twitter has been improving it’s targeting over recent months, allowing TV channels to target users that have tweeted about specific shows and market them accordingly.

Twitter has declined to comment further on this product or the timing of it’s launch but there are other clues that geo-location is high on their agenda. Earlier this year they bought Spindle, a search technology company that informs users about what’s happening at local businesses around them.

Whether Twitter will manage to get this release into our pockets before Christmas is uncertain, but their interest in location technology is clear and whenever it is released it will surely turn some marketing heads.


Source: BusinessInsider


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