6 Ways To Create Social Media Magic

For All The Social Managers Out There

From start-ups to global brands, as social media managers you deal with them all, and learn quickly that you need many eyes, ears, and typing fingers to juggle client demands.

To stay on top of your workload and client briefs, you need to use the right tools, and establish working systems that will streamline everything into an efficient social media machine. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way:

1. One Browser System, Multiple Accounts.
Google Chrome Profiles have been created for the busy multi-tasker in mind. Set up multiple Google Chrome profiles, move between them with ease, and customise bookmarks and apps as well.

2. Rediscover Buried Documents.
FoundApp is the go to app if your desktop is a mess. The app will search through all file types, through all your folders, including Dropbox and Evernote, and better still, you can scroll and preview as you search.

3. Cross Posting Photos
Download IFTTT (If This Then That) and save time on multiple photo posts. IFTTT options include auto posting Instagram images to twitter, and saving your Facebook tagged photos to Dropbox. 62 platforms supported to make life easier.

4. Virtual Notebook
Behance offers the Action Method Notebook to anyone who has failed to replace paper and pen with a computer app. Date, action, and organise your projects.

5. Create Private Test Blogs
Sometimes you need to preview social media activity and blog posts before publishing, and a password protected blog means you can test posts within your custom branding.

6. Screen shot Tools
Tag, edit, share, and more, with Skitch, a useful screenshot tool from Evernote. Taking screen shots is appearing on more and more to-do lists, so why not streamline the task from the start.


Source: Mashable


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