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LinkedIn Gets A Little More Watchful, Now Tells You Who’s Viewed Your Updates, And Where You’ve Been Looking

Two new updates to the popular online recruitment site LinkedIn will allow users a greater degree of personalisation, giving them the opportunity to show employers the real them.

The updates, called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” and “You Recently Visited” “are intended to provide you with more personalised insights on your activities and engagement across LinkedIn,” according to company product lead Caroline Gaffney.

The concept behind the updates is to provide real-time feedback on how the content you read and share resonates within your network. Allowing users to see who has viewed their recent updates and which contacts they have recently visited will help put the social into social networking. Users will be able to gauge interest levels in their latest activity and see trends in their networks, often before they become mainstream.

Using LinkedIn’s distinctive right column dashboard, the updates will help make the site a more interactive experience. According to Gaffney, they would give “real-time feedback on how the content you read and share resonates within your network, giving you more opportunities to build your professional brand and make connections with new professionals that share common interests.”

These are the latest in a series of successful updates trialled by LinkedIn, which has also experimented with the ability to add media such as photos, videos or file uploads, and to directly mention first-degree connections in updates. The new updates build on this earlier work and a streamlined navigation system, allowing users to follow second- and third-degree contacts more closely.

Since LinkedIn was first launched in 2003, it has become one of the foremost sites for job-hunting online. Some users have famously adopted creative techniques to get themselves noticed, while headhunting through the website is also increasingly common. Now, the company is looking to new horizons, including how users can constantly update and maximise the publicity of their activity.


Source:  Mashable


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