Relax, But Don't Take the Summer Off From Great Ideas

Summer is the time to kick back, get away from the day job and maybe even jet off to sunnier climes. Lead by the school holidays, the months of July and August are traditionally used to relax and recharge your batteries and yet ironically, this is often one of the most inspirational times for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Perhaps it’s to do with the change in pace of life and the long, warm evenings, which can lead to longer periods of socialising, networking and chatting to others to get your creative juices and imagination flowing.

The increase in daylight hours also leads to a rise in the number of professionals taking regular exercise – be that a morning jog or an evening stroll with the dogs. The benefits to both physical and emotional health of exercise are well documented and keeping yourself in tiptop shape is crucial for business performance and inspiration.

Simply taking the time to unwind, step away from your desk and think outside of the box could be just the boost you need to have flash of brilliance – to think up that great idea that could change the shape of your future.

A break from the daily routine, doesn’t necessarily mean having your head in the clouds all day, but it definitely encourages blue-sky thinking. That Eureka moment could strike at any time and a change of scenery is likely to heighten your creativity.

However, if you’re not able to spend your summer reclining on a beach or chatting in a bar, all is not lost. The sun boosts levels of serotonin and vitamin D, both of which lend themselves to a more motivated and productive workforce.

A simple team building day in the fresh air or even a staff picnic in the park could lead to a more cohesive workforce and stronger brand identity.

Whatever your situation or plans, you can use the Great British Summer to get ahead in business. 


Source: LinkedIn


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