Social Media Advertising Starts With Great Content

We’re all aware of social media advertising – on YouTube and Facebook especially – but did you know that by 2017, according to a study by BIA/Kelsey, spending on social media adverts will reach a whopping 11 billion dollars. Last year we spent just 4.7 billion dollars – still a considerable amount.

Of course, businesses are excited about this amount of growth in such a new sector but there are doubts as to whether advertising agencies will be able to generate this amount of content by 2017.

What’s more, results from a recent study by YouGov, have slammed the social media advert, stating that out of 20 Facebook users, only one had ever clicked on an advert on the website. Facebook users are also of the opinion that targeted ads aren’t relevant to them – with less than 10% citing that they are.
Facebook ads have a negative connotation to them and it’s probably down to the fact that they seemingly invade our personal space. They spam, appear on our timelines, on mobile banners, and spring up annoyingly at the start of videos.

The key to successful social media advertising is that the content needs to be great. If you can get people enjoying adverts then a buzz will soon generate and the word will soon spread – thus killing two birds with one stone.
Social media adverts need to be better targeted, better made, and more relevant. They need to be less omnipresent and more specialist – basically, they need to stop endlessly scrabbling after revenue and pursue the consumer instead.

But Facebook and Twitter do offer solutions to this problem and offer businesses opportunities to create great content instead of just dull old clickable ads. The problem comes down to the fact, though, that the people buying the advertising space simply want to get their brand out there and don’t really believe in the need for great content. Quite simply, that is where they’re going wrong.

If a Facebook user falls in love with an ad, s/he will share it, then his/her friends will share and so on: it will go viral. It’s all about the content and less about shoving the identity of the brand in your face. The content needs to be engaging and fun and the brand advertising is ideally subtle. If you can get that mix right you’ll have a winner when it comes to social media advertising.


Source: Social Media Today


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