Android, Led By Samsung, Continues To Storm The Smartphone Market

Google to grab 70% global share of smartphone market with Android devices, Samsung in vanguard

Google’s supremacy in the global smartphone market continues unabated. According to Kantar Worldpanel, smartphones running the U.S. technology giant’s Android operating system have dominated sales in the top five markets in the European region in the last three months.

Android smartphones accounted for over 70% of those sold in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. Such is Android’s success, it has even achieved year on year growth of nearly 10% in the stagnating European market.

This grasp over the smartphone industry extends to China, which is, as in so many other sectors, now the biggest market in the world. Here too, Android phones account for more than 70% of sales.

Even in the U.S., Apple’s homeland and traditional stronghold, Android powered devices have reached a 52% share of sales. However, Apple is poised to claw back lost ground thanks to a new distribution relationship with T-Mobile, which is set to boost sales.

This dominance is not without its drawbacks; Google is besieged by rivals such as Microsoft and Nokia, who have complained to the European Commission claiming unfair practices on Google’s behalf, including the accusation that Android is a “Trojan Horse” to dominate mobile markets.

If the complaint is upheld Google could be hit with significant fines.

Heading the charge of Android devices in Europe is Samsung, with over half of the devices sold in this region manufactured by the South Korean company. Despite this seemingly crushing victory, tougher times could be on the horizon for Samsung as other manufacturers’ technology catches up – in Britain for example,

Kantar state that 38% of Sony Xperia purchasers have defected from Samsung. What Samsung would give for the sort of brand loyalty inspired by Apple. In China, Samsung fares less well, with strong competition from devices tailored especially to this region.

Source: TechCrunch


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