Content Marketing Strategy: What Does Relevance Really Mean?

Is relevance really relevant?

Relevance, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I may pack my site and my blogs with stuff that I think is relevant to the people who I think I want to come to browse, and I think it will make the site sticky enough to give me the chance to sell something to them that I think they might want.
The trouble is that with the web filling up like a queue for hot potatoes, what I think really has no relevance at all. It’s what the people, on whose ‘wants and needs’ my marketing strategy is designed to satisfy, think is relevant that actually is all that matters.

So our starting point is understanding them better, and that might mean segmenting them (not individually of course) until we find common strands of what interests them.

But we can’t stop there because there may be many ‘relevancies’. Our content may be relevant because it informs and answers the questions that brought them to us. Or it might be relevant because it entertains, perhaps putting a humorous or challenging slant on something the affects us both. The relevance might be quite simply expressing the empathy or sympathy that only a market insider would understand.

If there are any truisms in marketing, one is that you can never be too close to your market, and that is threatened by the distance implicit in online business. If you want your market to think your content is relevant then you need to climb out of your screen and go and talk to them.

They’ll soon tell you what’s relevant to them.

Source: SocialMediaToday


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