Facebook To Remove Ads Displayed With Controversial Content

Social networking site, Facebook, has revealed an overhaul of the way in which it portrays adverts to try and confront fear over offensive content.

Facebook is intending to ban adverts from many of its pages, as well as deploying new limitations on where advertising occurs within the site.

Companies with adverts on Facebook include Sky and Marks and Spencer, who have stopped advertising following criticism that adverts featured on the same pages as distasteful content.

The move by Facebook came after uproar from a Sky advert promoting a Marks and Spencer voucher. The advert appeared on a Facebook page entitled, “cute and gay boys”, containing pictures of teenage males.

Facebook has acknowledged that posting adverts next to controversial material can cause potential issues and posted this quote in a blog post on Friday 28th June 2013: “We recognize we need to do more to prevent situations where ads are displayed alongside controversial Pages and Groups. So we are taking action.”

The organisation stated that starting Monday 1st July 2013, it would initiate a process to categorise what groups and pages should feature next to this type of content. It has already been decided that there will be a ban on placing adverts next to graphic, violent or sexual content, even if the content is not in breach of company policy.

A source has stated that Facebook will set up a ‘gold standard’ of a pool of approximately 10,000 pages that are classed as appropriate for adverts, and will analyse other pages to see whether they can be included. Any adverts on other pages will be taken down and allocated elsewhere. A spokesperson for Facebook stated this would be a time-consuming task but that the company take this “very seriously”.

Source: BBC


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