The New Myspace – Music & Social All In One

Social networking is going back to the future with a new player in the neighbourhood. And believe it or not it’s Myspace.

That’s right, Myspace. Complete with a multi-million dollar relaunch campaign featuring the hottest and hippest stars in music. Myspace has chosen to stand its ground against the undisputed heavyweight champion of social networks, Facebook, and music is its weapon of choice.

The new Myspace aims to be a place where musicians and fans can come together to create and connect. It has picture sharing like Pinterest and Tumblr, as well as the social interactivity of Facebook. And it’s this emphasis on community and online neighbourhood building that makes Myspace different from competing music providers like Spotify and Pandora.

A quick look around the redesigned Myspace site immediately confirms the new focus on all things music. Plus it’s cutting edge, user friendly and a world away from the Myspace of 2007. But for many people negative feelings about the old site still linger. Myspace has an uphill battle to reverse public perceptions of their troubled history.

“There’s no fancy marketing campaign that will change that overnight’, admits Myspace Chief Operating Officer Chris Vanderhook. ‘When when we acquired MySpace we were at over 90% negative. But if you look on Twitter today, it’s over 80% positive’. Vanderhook insists this improvement is not the result of clever marketing. Instead it’s thanks to an improved product that effectively serves its target community.

It’s still early days for the Myspace renaissance. The world has moved on since its earlier heyday and consumers have never had so much choice. Myspace now faces an array of innovative rivals, all aggressively competing for market share.

The new Myspace has made an impressive start. A site many believed had gone the way of the dinosaurs is back with a vengeance. Whether or not it can recapture its past glory and create a new global success story in social networking and music remains to be seen. Ultimately it’s up to the consumer.

The future of Myspace is in your hands.

Source: SocialMediaToday


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