Facebook Reach Vs. Relevance. What’s in It for Me?

It annoys me when people ask me how they can get 1000 Facebook fans – people place way too much importance on the amount of fans they have, when really they should be focusing on engaging content and the right social media strategy.

If you properly engage, your fan-base will increase naturally – to quote ‘Field of Dreams’; “If you build it, they will come.”


What is Facebook Reach exactly? It’s a way to measure how many people actually see your posts – not how many actually engage in an active way with them; many simply scroll past on their way to see an entertaining kitten video on their news feed. Saying that, it’s still valid, although many marketers complain that only 10% of fans see their posts – this can be improved upon.


Now we move onto factors such as trust and authority; this can be measured in a term we refer to as ‘relevance’, and tracks how information trickles through Facebook from fans and friends alike. This helps you better share content that your audience enjoys and engages with and shares.

Relevance can make a big difference when it comes to targeting your audience, and can even save you money when placing your ads. For instance, there’s little point in showing pottery ads to teenage boys, or video games to women in their 60s, is there?


The best way to reach more people and increase your relevance is the good old fashioned way of posting engaging and fun content that is relevant to your fans. This will get you more attention, more likes, more shares and will lead to greater visibility and a further reach.


If your reach is poor, you really should take a closer look at your strategy; when are you posting, what content are you posting, do you need to adjust your tone? Take into account all these factors and adjust is necessary.

Source: SocialMediaToday


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