Harness the Power of Email in Five Simple Steps

Commercial email is becoming stale.

Companies are using it in the same way they have been for years and, as a result, the consumer is losing interest. Email users look for the fastest route to ‘inbox zero’, utilising techniques to achieve mailbox zen. This is great news for your customers, but bad news for the marketing team. If the attention of the consumer is to be reattained, the approach to email creation and delivery needs to be revised.

The fundamental strengths of email, however, remain present; a method of reaching out to consumers with direct communications that offers a great rate of return for an unrivalled level of investment. With that said, it makes perfect sense to revisit your email strategy to ensure optimal success.

Fortunately, email strategy can be revitalised in a few simple steps:

Acquire – New customers are of course as important, if not more so, than existing customers. If all of your email outbox is aimed at those on your mailing list, you cannot expect to generate higher returns. Target new customers with an increased level of focus to maximise conversion.

Retain – Once you’ve got them, you’ll need to keep them. A regular mailshot with customised information is intrinsic to making your customers feel valued, and most importantly remain attentive to your brand. Failure to maintain a follow-up schedule could see a loss in custom.

Sell – Consumers receive promotional email in large volume on a daily basis. To maximise success, you need to stand out. Tailor your material to your customers interest and you’re already one step ahead of the pack. Include targeted offers and promotions and you’re certain to inspire customer interest.

Service – Neglecting existing consumers is the quickest way to see them head straight for the exit. Be sure to offer an exceptional level of service and your customers are guaranteed to remain loyal. Personalised interaction and rapid problem solving ensures customers feel valued, which can also lead to further recommendation.

Integration – No longer are interactions bound to the desktop, you are able to offer tailored, front-line service to customers across different devices. Consider this level of connectivity when designing your email strategy and you have the potential to leverage valuable access to your customer base at all times.

It’s easy to see how email is as powerful as ever in it’s capability to maintain the connection to your customers both new and old. With a multitude of content platforms vying for our attention, email remains a direct route to the consumer and the five simple steps above allow you to harness that power with ease and success.

Source: SocialMediaToday


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