20 Ideas for Engaging Social Media Content

Social Media: 20 Engagement Content Ideas

When it comes to the monster we call Social Media, content is key; after all, without funny videos or entertaining posts, Facebook and Twitter would be boring, wouldn’t they?

Here’s some ideas on how you can create engaging content for your social media:


1. Go the formal route and create a carefully planned Q&A vid.

2. Too formal? Try some fun impromptu interviews, instead.

3. Video presentations; full-length or edited, your choice.

4. Selling a product? Why not make a video showing it in use!

5. ‘How to’ videos are increasingly popular these days, see examples such as VideoJug.

6. Make a video asking for valuable feedback from your fans or customers.


7. You can use social media to share presentations with clients and fellow colleagues.

8. Why stop there? If you want transparency, reach out to the world.

9. Publish your OpenOffice, iWorks and MSOffice docs online.

10. Upload informative PDFs.


11. Creative designs and infographics

12. Showcase previous events

13. Visually detail how your product or service works

14. Staff photos for that personal touch


15. Digitally distribute a white paper

16. Upload an eBook – you can either make this free or charge people to download it.

17. Case studies that work in your favour to validate your business or product. Include product testimonials, which strike a chord with the customer.

18. Enewsletter – these are generally popular and you can opt for simple text or include HTML with colourful images and links.


19. Podcasts – discuss current topics that’ll get you attention. You can pre-record these and make them as controversial, entertaining or informative as you like. People can then download them onto their iPod, iPhone or their computer and listen at their own leisure.

20. You could also try doing live radio interviews or talk spots.

Source: SocialMediaToday


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