5 Tips to Create Engagement on Pinterest

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest by now; it’s already in the history books as the fastest-growing social network… well, ever. And it’s still going!

Pinterest generates more traffic than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined – so you can imagine, it’s the place to be right now, especially if you want to establish a brand.

Below are some tips for increase engagement on Pinterest:

Get Active

You need to engage with others, and become involved as a user on the site. This means commenting, ‘liking’ and ‘re-pinning’. The more you interact with users, the more likely they’ll be to start interacting with you, and the more they will ‘like’, comment on and re-pin your posts; meaning more exposure for you.

Group Boards

Pinterest has now introduced group boards, which allow you to invite other users to pin items to a board on your profile. Pins shared will show up on more feeds of the people involved, which means more people will see your content.

Customer-Focused Pin Boards

Make your customers feel special by showing you care; share photos of them wearing your products, or ask them to share their own photos using your products. Making it about them will instantly make your brand more popular with users.

Market Testing

Again, focusing on your customers and reach out to them for their opinion. Not only will you engage with the people who matter most to your brand, you’ll also get some valuable insight which you can use constructively.

Why not market test new products or services via your Pinterest board? That way you can instantly see what becomes popular, and what doesn’t.


Finally, hosting a contest is a great way to get attention for your business. If there’s something being given away for free, you can count on human nature for the rest, and engagement should increase relatively swiftly.

To enter, people could follow you, or pin or re-pin a certain item – maybe even just ‘like’ or ‘comment’.


Source: SocialMediaToday


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