Don’t Just Engage Fans, Activate Them

Engagement and Beyond – How to Activate Your Fan Base

Brands invest heavily into creating their fan bases, and in order to do this effectively they also hire community managers to engage with them on a social level (Twitter, Facebook etc.).

This is usually paid for out of the marketing budget, but intelligent marketing also requires a bit of analysis by that same CMO. “Who are these people, what do they have in common, how can we make the most out of this following to better achieve our goals?”

The answer is to not just engage fans, but create an interaction that will encourage advocacy and better still, lasting loyalty.


There are four pieces of this puzzle to establish an interactive social marketing platform. They are:

Engage: Creating unique social experiences via a campaign builder, enabling marketers to personalise each stage of the user’s journey. Make it interesting with apps, games and fun campaigns.

Profile: This involves building an audience database to track what your fans are doing, how they interact and what interests them – this will lead to better targeting in future.

Gamify: How can you bring your fans closer to the brand? Try a gamification engine which powers advocacy and loyalty programs.

Amplify: Grab your net because it’s time to go fishing – take the best advocacy content from your social media, before curating and publishing it on your website and via your social apps. Share the love, with the best comments, tweets and reviews!

If you want to activate your fans and help them interested, you need to really hit the spot with your campaigns and apps. Keep interest over time and let fans choose to join you on their own terms – then reward them for it. This will show you value their custom.

When it comes time to amplify, making your fans the voice of your marketing campaign means you’ve truly achieved social marketing activation.

Good luck!

Source: SocialMediaToday


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