Facebook Cover Photos: 20% Rule Goes Out the Window

The write direction: How to use text on your Facebook cover photo

The end of the 20% Rule for Facebook cover photos is good news for most companies. You have more freedom to place text in that big, attention-grabbing placeholder at the top of one of your most important social media sites, and that means a new way to spread your message.

But while Facebook’s roll-back of its stipulation, which banned more than 20% of the cover photo space being taken up with text, is an opportunity, it’s no reason to go crazy with the writing.

Stay striking

Facebook gives you the opportunity to hit visitors with a strong, single image as soon as they arrive to your page. Is it a good idea to fill that up with text?
Probably not. Your cover photo should be something that makes an immediate impression, and that hasn’t changed with the 20% Rule’s repeal. Facebook’s users engage most with images, both in their feed and on your page, so you should respect that and give them something that they can engage with right off the bat.

I get by on my good looks

An image should be aesthetically pleasing – it shouldn’t be a stress to look at. Something filled with text, even if you think it’s important, will instantly turn people off. Use the text sparingly and make it work within context.

Too long, didn’t read

It’s tempting to use the most prominent area of your page to display text in the form of a sales pitch or otherwise, but remember, this is social media. Too much ordinary text will be scanned over quickly and not digested by readers, because they’re not here to read an essay.

They’re interested enough in your company to arrive at your page, but you don’t need to force-feed them information as quickly as possible. Make them comfortable and allow them to find the information once you’ve made a positive impression.

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