10 Ways Your Tweets Continue to Be Seen

You might think of Twitter as only good for being seen in ‘real time’ – in other words, if you’re followers aren’t online, they won’t see your tweets.

This is not the case; your tweets can actually go on being noticed a lot longer than you originally think.

Here’s how:

Activity from other users

Do you pay attention to your ‘Activity’ feed? Well, you should. It shows how people are interacting with your tweets, who followed you, what they’re favouriting or retweeting etc. – this may well lead to attention from people who don’t even follow you.

Tweeting leads to profile views

The more you tweet engaging and funny tweets, the more people are inclined to click on your profile and read back your older tweets – this could lead to more follows.

Twitter cards

These are basically links people create to your tweet, perhaps even quoting what you said on various web pages – again, leading to more interest.


If someone retweets your tweet, it goes out to all their followers, instantly increasing your reach.


If you use hashtags regularly, your tweets will show up in search feeds, so anyone searching for that particular hashtag will likely see your tweet.

Twitter Ads

Users and brands can promote their tweets so they show up in more feeds, even if these tweets are older.


It’s becoming popular for people to sometimes delete their tweets, or even shut down their accounts, to avoid unwanted attention. However, if someone takes a screenshot of your tweet before you delete it, it can still circulate online.

Twitter Lists

People can add you to lists on Twitter, which also increases the reach of your tweets.

Interaction Lists

Many users like to follow others’ interactions lists, especially if it’s the @ replies of a celebrity.

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has struck up a partnership with Twitter to build a digital archive full of past tweets. Your tweets could live on forever!

Source: SocialMediaToday


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