Amazon accused of raising prices

Amazon slammed for riding rough shod over smaller book publishers

Amazon has been accused of cutting small book publishers a rough deal in order to line its own pockets.

The major online merchandiser has been slammed by the New York Times for putting up its prices in order to boost its profits. The paper continues that whilst big name publishers are able to combat this by offering discounts for publications online, independent authors and academic publishers are not in a position to do this, meaning their prices are left too expensive for the average book buyer.

Amazon refute the claims they are failing to support the smaller, independent publishers saying it is all based on anecdotal evidence. A spokesperson claimed Amazon was actually lowering its prices and was covering the costs to make this possible out of its own pocket.

However, according to the Times, there is evidence Amazon needs to start boosting its profits by increasing book prices. Its revenue per unit has apparently dropped 8 per cent year on year, meaning they are becoming far more reliant on shipping costs to make up the deficit.

While one independent author, who wrote ‘the Late Age of Print: Everyday Book Culture from Consumerism to Control’ supports the claim Amazon is thinking about its own coffers to the detriment of smaller outlets. He explained there is not much competition to sell his kind of book and Amazon knows this.

This is not the first time Amazon has been accused of leaving the little guy high and dry. The huge online presence has also been made to shoulder much of the blame for the demise of the high street book shop in favour of electronic books, which are sold in plentiful supply by Amazon and at much cheaper prices than the paper copies.


Source: Business Insider


Joao Beirao


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